In 2008, Mieke Boynton moved to the Kimberley region of Western Australia and fell in love with the vast, ancient, rugged countryside with its vivid colours, expansive skies and distinctive boab trees… and at the same time, she discovered the joys of landscape photography. After 10 years of juggling full-time work and a fledgling photography business, she has recently returned to North-East Victoria to focus exclusively on photography. She specialises in aerial and landscape photography, and has travelled regularly over the past few years, both internationally and within Australia, in search of beautiful places and magic light. Her photos of Norway, Patagonia, Namibia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Tasmania and the Kimberley have won numerous International awards, and she has achieved Grand Master status with the Australian Photographic Society. You can see more of her work at, and Mieke (pronounced “Meeka”) posts regularly to both Facebook and Instagram (@MiekeBoyntonPhotography).

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